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Barley Bros. Traveling Beer Show Saturday, Aug. 6-Sunday, Aug. 7 at Ann Morrison Park

So for  my very first post, I thought I would review the Barley Brothers Brewfest! 

What more is there to say when it comes to a good time, on a perfect day with 200 different beers to sample and all day to play, listen to music and eat good food? Well I will have to start by saying this. The new Park was a perfect setting for the festivities.

We arrived just before 11am, the official start time, and found that a line had already formed. People were in a great mood, and the beautiful blond lady that was selling tickets knew just how to ramp up the coward “Five more minutes till you can have beer!” She yelled, and the crowd responded as if she were introducing a rock star.

Just standing there I could see many different types of people, many wearing shirts from some of their favorite breweries, and some even decided to bring their glass cleaners ( bottles of water) and necklaces of pretzel just in case they needed a little salty touch to help clear their pallets. 

Inside the smell of Bar be Q was everywhere, and the music was warming up nicely. We started at the very front of the line and worked our way down the booths quickly discovering great beers from  Grand TetonDeschutesLaughing DogPayetteand Full Sail

I also saw the team from Brewforia was in attendance, each one friendly and happy to share knowledge and beer with a fellow beer lover. 

The new park was beautiful with a fishing pond, fountains for the kids to run through, a play ground, with good walking space all the way around. The park is a smoke free environment, which was good for the non smokers, but sent a lot of smokers into the parking lot.

As the day went on we saw that the lines to get in almost never went away, and often stretched a good ways down the walk as people wait eagerly to get in.

As a little nod to the Meridian Police, they did a great job at keeping things running smooth and I heard they even agreed not to tow cars if people left them after drinking too much. So thanks guys, I know it cannot be easy riding your bikes in the grass, or watching all kinds of people enjoy great beer, as you worked to keep everyone safe.

My two big hints for the even are these. One bring chairs and your own shade. It is worth it to hang around, and nice to be able to sit down and just take a break from sampling from time to time. The Second is, be sure to bring some sunscreen! 


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