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Merritt’s Home of the Scones| Boise Idaho

This place is right on State Street in Boise and was featured on “Insomniac with Dave Attell” A TV Series were Dave runs around cities and gets drunk….and you would just about have to be drunk to enjoy Merritt’s. I keep hearing on Yelp that the place is dirty…and I would not agree with that. It had dark panelling on the walls that made it look a little less clean, but the floors were well scrubbed and the table was clean.

We sat down and waited…and waited…and waited…and waited…finally a very friendly young lady came over and offered us coffee. We gladly accepted…then…yes you guessed it we waited some more.

after around 45 minutes we finally had our food arrive. It was…one of the worst breakfasts I have had. The Scone was so heavy with powdered sugar that it made me gag, the eggs were over cooked, the meat was like a spongy meatloaf that was supposed tobe sausage.

I will not say the food tasted bad, that would be a lie, it simply failed to taste like much of anything at all. Bad service, slow service, tasteless food and coffee that tasted like woodchips…


 I won’t be going back. Out of the five catagories I judge places on this failed on three, cost was ok, and atmosphere was unimpressive…Dave Attell and the drunks can keep it.


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