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I think my wife and I did what just about everyone does when they see Pizzalchik. We kept right on driving. The sign is a little odd, and what I pictured was some hard seats, and some joker selling friedchicken…Thankfully the food network bitch slapped us into checking the place out.

The outside of the place has a lot of outdoor seating, and inside is perhaps the smallest bar I have ever seen. As we walked in and looked at the 60s posters and tiedyed clad employees my wife looked at me with a skeptical look. “It was on drive ins, diners and dives” dear…

I was a little confused as to wear to order, but a very friendly guy directed me toward the place to order and we ordered the pizza called ” The Bypass”

Guys I cannot say enough about this place. I have checked out a lot of pizza places in Boise…nothing even comes close. The pizza was so good that we would go there every Friday Night if we could. Veggies from the owners own green house…we enjoy everything we have had their…the chicken, the salads and of course the Pizza…



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