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Sofia’s Greek Bistro | Boise Idaho

My wife has been after me to go with her to check out Sofia’s Greek Bistro for a number of weeks, and finally we did.

I want to start by talking about the décor, It was simple and bright blue, but it had a good warm feeling about it. I would not say it was fine dining in appearance, but there was homey and nearly art deco feel to it. I am not sure if that makes since, but once you drop in I think you will get the idea.

There is no bar there, but they did have beer and wine, and I enjoyed a glass of Greek beer and ,my wife tried the Greek red wine. Both of them were…ok…but other than just being different I didn’t see anything worth seeking out.

The food, after all that is what you are interested in, was actually pretty quick in arriving.  We ordered the sampler, and really enjoyed the Pita bread, it was fresh and I believe it was made in house.  The Chicken, however was…disappointing. I found it dry, overcooked and so lightly seasoned as to be bland.

On the other hand the Gyro was amazing!

We liked the lamb so much that we found ourselves wishing we had more, and the Lemon Pilafi was enough to bring us back for more.


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